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*** VETKUWS Conference 2016***
"Case Studies In Equine Lameness"
Mission Statement: To help veterinarians and veterinary students find, filter and take cues from current scientific information and expert opinion.

VETKUWS Conference 2016

Equine Veterinary KUWS Conference
“Case Studies in Equine Lameness”

Saturday and Sunday February 27-28th, 2016 was a well attended success.

The suggested Reading List by the Speakers is still available to download!

Click the link below to open a pdf document which contains the links to the references for each case.
Click Here for Dr. Dyson’s and Dr. Koenig’s case references

Click here to see the topics that were covered by each speaker.

Speakers and Program
Sue Dyson: MA, VetMB, PhD, DEO, FRCVS
An Internationally revered lameness expert, author, research and speaker, will give 8.5 hrs of informative and practical case presentations covering a broad range of issues and using abundant illustrative videos and images. She will help us identify the important aspects relevant to each case whether they are image acquisition, nerve block or image interpretation, controversial clinical findings, challenging decision-making, outcomes of similar cases in the literature or other factors.
For Dr. Dyson’s complete biography: Click Here

Judith Koenig: Dr. med. Vet., DVSc, Dipl. ACVS & ECVS
will share her expertise in tissue healing by discussing the benefits and
pitfalls of regenerative medicine with 1 hour of case examples.
For Dr. Judith Koenig’s complete biography: Click Here

From Dr. Dyson’s proceeding notes:

“The Art and Science of Lameness Diagnosis – How a careful assessment and a logical approach usually lead to a diagnosis – but how it is important to be aware of the limitations of all of our diagnostic techniques.

These case presentations aim to consider specific clinical scenarios in depth and to discuss related topics. The importance of clinical assessment and diagnostic analgesia is emphasized, together with the appropriate use of diagnostic imaging and correct interpretation of images.”